Tuesday, 7 June 2016

When You Need To Have Foundation Repair

In some areas, the soil is made of sand and clay which can be a problem for a settling foundation. If you discover that you are getting cracks in the foundation, the doors, windows, closets and cupboards do not close efficiently anymore, you may have a foundation problem.

It would be wise to have foundation repair Austin contractor inspect your house to see if you need foundation repair because if the foundation settles too much, the entire integrity of your home could be in jeopardy.

The process of leveling the foundation consists of excavating directly under the area where the settling is taking place and shoring up the area with concrete or steel pillars. This process is not as impossible as it may seem, as once it is completed, you will have leveled your home back up, and you will have created a stronger support system than you had before.

Contractors can place the pillars on bedrock, or on concrete or steel platforms which are not likely to shift or move at all. This can be accomplished in several strategic placements under the foundation of your home, giving it greater strength and stability. You can then rest relieved as your foundation will remain intact.

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